The Advanced Mobility Partnership (AMP) is a strategic effort governed by the four partner agencies including DRCOG, CDOT, RTD and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The AMP is comprised of two bodies that lead the work and direction of the AMP: the Executive Committee and Working Group.

AMP Executive Committee

Meets Quarterly

Comprised of Executive leadership from DRCOG, CDOT, RTD and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the AMP Executive Committee determines priorities and forward policy-level recommendations to appropriate policy groups, while also directing the AMP Working Group.

AMP Working Group

Meets Monthly

The AMP Working group works to identify technical and policy issues, research or solicit solutions, identify priorities, prepare recommendations, coordinate activities and track progress. The Working Group is made up of Voting Members from DRCOG, CDOT, RTD, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and University Transportation Alliance for Colorado (UTAC), as well as advisors from local governments, NREL, the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, private sector partners and other subject matter experts.