Whether you’re looking for past meeting summaries, upcoming meeting packets or other resources related to the Advanced Mobility Partnership or the 2030 Mobility Choice Blueprint, this page is updated regularly with all materials and resources related to our work.

AMP Executive Committee

June 1, 2022 MeetingMeeting Packet
December 1, 2021 MeetingMeeting Packet
March 3, 2021 MeetingMeeting Packet
December 2, 2020 MeetingMeeting Packet
September 2, 2020 MeetingMeeting Packet
March 4, 2020 MeetingMeeting Packet
December 5, 2019 MeetingMeeting Packet

AMP Working Group

October, 4 2022 MeetingMeeting Packet
September 6, 2022 MeetingMeeting PacketMeeting Presentation
February 1, 2022 MeetingMeeting PacketMeeting Presentation
December 7, 2021 MeetingMeeting PacketMeeting Presentation
October 5, 2021 MeetingMeeting Packet
September 7, 2021 MeetingMeeting Packet
July 6, 2021 MeetingMeeting Packet

General Resources

AMP Data and Data Sharing: Concept ReportConcept White Paper (2022)Implementation Options (2022)
AMP Data and Data Sharing: Discovery ReportReport (2021)
AMP Next Steps 2020Report (2020)

Mobility Choice Blueprint

Executive SummaryPDF
Mobility Choice Blueprint ReportPDF
Appendix A: Blueprint ActionsPDF
Appendix B: Action IdeasPDF
Appendix C: Community EngagementPDF
Appendix D: Pilot ProjectsPDF
Appendix E: Scenario EvaluationsPDF
Appendix F: Denver Region and Peer City AssessmentsPDF